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Ravenna Mosaics Walking Tour

Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna - Italy

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About this trip

Did you like making jigsaw puzzles when you were young? Discover Ravenna, the City of Mosaics! It’s time to put all the pieces together and be (literally!) puzzled by Ravenna’s most beautiful Early-Christian and Byzantine mosaics from the 5th and 6th centuries.
The Ravenna Mosaics Walking Tour is the perfect tour to enjoy with an expert local guide the many beauties this ancient city has to offer in even just a half day: you’ll join a guided walk through the old city center with a pause and a practical demonstration of mosaic-making technique, enjoying and understanding the enormous history of Ravenna, its rare beauty and deep spirituality.

Ready to start your 5-UNESCO heritage site jigsaw puzzle? 

  • Piece no. 1: the astonishing Church of S. Vitale, commissioned by the Emperor Justinian of Byzantium, where masterfully depicted mosaics of his fabulous wife Theodora will amaze you. 

  • Piece no. 2: the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in all its greatness, a powerful building created to honour the resilient and colorful empress of the Western Roman Empire. 

  • Piece no. 3: the Neoniano Baptistery close to the ancient Cathedral and decorated by wonderful mosaics. 

  • Piece no. 4: the Basilica of San Francesco and its cloister